Are You Talking About Me?

July 8, 2010 at 4:29 pm (Facebook, GoldMail, LinkedIn, Nutshell Mail, social networking, twitter)

Social Media is a tool for Brands to monitor conversations about their products or services and to engage their users in conversations. 

I was very excited that my blog “Create Audio Slideshows with Goldmail” caught the attention of Rob Kenyes, a Product Manager at Goldmail.  Rob commented on my blog post and @Goldmail is now following me on Twitter.  Rob’s comment was in response to a technical difficulty that I was having with the application and he let me know that my problem was already being addressed. 

In a recent LinkedIn Blog, Philips Healthcare shares how they’re “engaging the global healthcare community on LinkedIn.” 

Hans Notenboom (HN): As a company, Philips aims to look beyond simply what our technologies can do, and think about how we can improve people’s lives through innovation. Part of this is listening to our customers and the wider community to better understand the challenges they face and where we can improve what we do to stay relevant.”

I really like this article from a while back, The Four Components of Social Media Management, which suggested that “even companies that have no intention of pursuing a social media marketing strategy must monitor what’s being said about them. It’s important to know who is saying good things about your company but it’s even more important to know who is saying bad things. Negative comments-especially those that expose a legitimate flaw in a company’s products or services-can snowball and be picked up by the trade and business press.”

I use TweetDeck, and Google Alerts to keep track of relevant conversations in the webosphere.  I can monitor what is being said about me, about a brand that I’m following, or about a query or topic that I’m interested in. 

Good, bad or indifferent, it’s important to keep a pulse on what is being said.  Your other option is to hide your head in the sand and assume that you have all the answers.

PS: NutshellMail is also following me on Twitter, in response to another blog I wrote: Facbook Fan Page Notifications.  In this post, I named NutshellMail as a solution to a “Page Notifications” problem that Facebook Fan Page administrators face–a problem that Facebook has yet to address.  Hello Facebook!  Are you listening?


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Create Audio Slideshows with Goldmail

June 25, 2010 at 1:25 pm (blogging, Constant Contact, GoldMail, marketing)

Constant Contact recently partnered with GoldMail to provide users with the ability to add audio slideshow messaging to your email marketing.  And me thinks this enhanced multimedia functionality is pretty damn cool.    Check out this GoldMail announcement

How about I turn this particular blog post into a multimedia exposition? (I am aware that my voice is not nearly as cool as the Brit’s in the GoldMail video.)

Include Audio Slideshows with Goldmail

Note: I could not embed the GoldMail player into my blog because limits the things we can embed due to security.  Click on the image to access the slideshow, or click here.

What do you think?

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