I ate Local at the SBN 13th Annual ALLocal Dinner at Local 149

March 29, 2012 at 4:55 pm (food, Sustainability) (, , , )

The SBN’s Boston Local Food Program hosted its 13th ALLocal Dinner at Local 149 in “Southie” on March 26th.   The ALLocal Dinners feature locally sourced food—from the protein to the salt—served by locally owned restaurants.

Massachusetts and its bordering states have a vibrant and sustainable local food system, and one of the Program’s goals is to encourage diverse restaurants in metro Boston to include more local food on their menus.  Local 149’s regular menu features fresh ingredients from local purveyors and producers, and Chef Leah Dubois presented an authentically ALLocal, 3-course menu for the SBN guests:

FirstALLocal Local 149 Short Rib
Island Creek Oysters
apple cider and juniper berry-mignonette
greenhouse tomato cocktail fresco
micro wasabi sprouts

Bone-In Free Range Short Ribs
corn whiskey and Boston honey glaze
smash white potatoes and sunchokes
Vermont Butter and Creamery

sassafras gelato, smoky goat cheese
local accoutrements  (acoutrements=delicious chocolate bits, gingersnap thingy, and maybe a crunchy corn nut…)

Longfellow Creamery/Second Chance Farm – Avon, ME
Westfield Farm – MA
Eva’s Garden – South Dartmouth, MA
Thatcher Farm – Milton, MA
Vermont Butter and Creamery
Sunrise Orchards – VT
Boston Honey Company – Holliston, MA

ALLocal Local 149 Island Creek OystersI ate a boatload of Island Creek Oysters.  I enjoyed the micro wasabi sprouts.

Keeping in the spirit, guests enjoyed local spirits as well from Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery, Still River Winery, and Berkshire Mountain Distillers, plus Local 149 has a stellar bar menu, offering a great selection of local microbrews.  I enjoyed the Pretty Things “American Stout” from Westport, MA. This beer has a 7% ABV, which wasn’t published on the menu, and I wouldn’t have picked if it was, but I’m glad it wasn’t!  Fruity and malty, and pretty, indeed!  (I met a great gal at the event who told me all about Pretty Things and if-you-like-this-you’ll-also-like-that…  Check out BOSBABES, a group for women interested in beer!)  I can also give a thumbs up to the Westport Rivers Chardonnay.

The ALLocal Dinners feature great food & drink with a great community, and proceeds help to support the Boston Local Food Program, which works to build economies that are local, green and fair.

When you think about it–the delicious and complex flavors are hard to obtain in March in New England!  Great challenge, and great job by the Chef.

I enjoy these events very much, but I’m conflicted because I’ll Mangerò anything from anywhere!  Have you made slight (or dramatic) changes to your consumer behavior in an effort to support local business, agriculture, sustainability?


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