How to Blog Effectively for Business, #IMU

January 12, 2011 at 2:23 pm (blogging, IMU, marketing)

I have intended (for almost a year) to get certified through Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University.  (It’s nice that I can get certified at my own pace, but my pace thus far has been ZERO MPH.)  The program includes 16 one-hour classes, with reading assignments and optional homework assignments.  I decided to make IMU certification a priority because I have been referencing the resources on the IMU page regularly to communicate inbound marketing ideas with clients…and we had a blizzard in Eastern Massachusetts today so no time like the present!

I launched into the curriculum today, with Class1: How to Blog Effectively for Business with professors Ann Handley & Mack Collier, of MarketingProfs.  The optional Homework Assignment was to write a blog post about three best practices that I will adopt into my blogging strategy.  So, here goes:

  1. When writing content, I will think about ways to encourage use of the feedback mechanism, for increased interactions.  In several previous posts, I talked about web resources that I found useful, such as Dropbox, NutshellMail, Goldmail, etc.  I did receive several comments, but I might have overtly asked the reader to suggest other resources, or to offer their evaluation of the software.
  2. Don’t write about my company/product, but rather write about topics appealing to the specific audience.  The training webcast offered Best Western’s Travel Blog as an example.  They blog about Travel, rather than hotel accommodations.  What a clever name: You Must Be Trippin.  Another example was Graco’s Heart to Heart blog, which blogs about things like Baby’s First Cold.  Their audience is parents, and they’re reaching them (driving their audience to their website) by blogging on a wider subject matter—things outside of GRACO products.
  3. And third, Blog with frequency.  There’s nothing worse than an abandoned blog, or a blog that hasn’t had a post in 6 months.  I will try, I promise.

I really enjoyed this first class in the series.  I’ll let you know how the others go.  Are you attending IMU?  Please comment on your experience thus far—and link to your blog. (See!  Encouraging feedback)

Inbound Marketing University: How to Blog Effectively for Businesses



  1. Linda Odineca said,

    I got certified and there are some pretty awesome classes coming up! enjoy!

  2. JoAnne said,

    Thanks Linda. I think it was you who originally gave me the tip.

  3. Ana Lucia Novak said,

    Hi there, great blog post, it actually motivated me to get on board with HubSpot InBound Marketing certification course. I’m also a member of MarketingProfs, and they too offer weekly/monthly online courses. It’s important to improve our skills, knowledge and craft in order to offer our clients the best possible options. Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the great work!! :>)

    • fullyfamished said,

      Thanks for the comment Ana Lucia. Let me know when you finish this first course.

  4. Natalie said,

    Thanks for the tip. So far, what I’ve looked at seems great and helpful.

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