Dropbox is my solution for file sharing, collaboration.

October 18, 2010 at 11:15 am (collaboration, dropbox, file sharing)

I’m working on a new contract and our first order of business is to get the existing marketing collateral organized, updated, and formatted for market and sales purposes.  My team consists of multiple “cooks’ and we’ll all have a hand at editing and weighing in on content. 

Problem:  We are working mostly virtually these days, and the company does not currently have a shared drive where we can remotely login and access these working documents.  There are times when we will need to work on these files while on planes, trains or automobiles, without internet connectivity.  Disparate data is a concern, and we would like the ability to share large files easily.

Solution:  Another client introduced me to Dropbox, a software that syncs your files online and across your computers.  Dropbox works seamlessly with your operating system and automatically makes sure your files are up-to-date.

Dropbox has a very intuitive interface, and offers a “Get Started” map that includes a video tour, installation, adding files, installation on other computers, sharing folders and inviting others to join. 

You start by creating an account.  Then you install the application on your computer(s).  You can then opt to share the files (or filing hierarchy) with others, who then have to create their own account, install the application, and accept  your invitation to access the file(s). 

My team can access our files (as if it’s a shared drive) on our computers, or via our account online from any computer at Dropbox.com. 


  • Can share files with multiple users (shared drive)
  • Can see when a document was modified, and by whom
  • Can access previous versions of documents
  • Can share large files
  • Can subscribe to an RSS Feed to receive alerts when files are added, changed, deleted
  • Uses secure encryption methods to transfer & store data
  • Offers a smart phone application
  • Dropbox offers each individual 2GB of space with the Basic, Free account
  • Can earn more Free storage space by inviting others to join (250 MB per friend)
  • Can pay for more space (100 GB with 100 Pro account)

I’m loving my Dropbox, and so are my clients.  It has helped greatly in virtual productivity.

Please share your thoughts.



  1. Mike said,

    Take a look at GlobalFolders.com too. It’s all web-based and you can manage access to different folders by group. So you can have different people accessing different folders and control their permissions within the folders.

    Pricing is higher than dropbox, but it’s a nice tool for business file sharing.


  2. How to Blog Effectively for Business, #IMU « Food for Thought… said,

    […] In several previous posts, I talked about web resources that I found useful, such as Dropbox, NutshellMail, Goldmail, etc.  I did receive several comments, but I might have overtly asked the […]

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