Post Discussions to Multiple LinkedIn Groups

July 28, 2010 at 11:36 am (blogging, LinkedIn, marketing, social media, social networking)

LinkedIn is making enhancements all the time, and a frustration has been that you can only post discussions or news items to one group at a time (LinkedIn suggests that this is meant to minimize spam in groups).  There’s a work-around.  

Start the discussion by Sharing it as an Update from your LinkedIn Home, attach a link, and click Share.   Then go to your LinkedIn Home and this recent “activity” should appear in the Network Activity stream.  If you delay, you’ll have to scroll down and click “See more Network Activity,” and then select My Updates. Find your recent activity and click Share, select Post to group(s), then start typing the group name(s) (You’ll have to open another LinkedIn browser window if you need to reference a list of your groups).

One of the biggest benefits I see from my involvement in LinkedIn is its impact on my blog readership.  My Blog Stats regularly show that LinkedIn is the top referrer among all other sources.   I publicize my posts as Updates in the Network Activity feed, and I share each post as a Discussion in the relevant LinkedIn Groups that I belong to.  I have also loaded the BlogLink application to my profile, which  automatically pulls in my blog and the latest blog posts from around your network.  

I hope this is helpful.

Author Comment 8/23/10:  It appears that the Share/Post to Group option only shows up when you Share a LINK, not when you share a sentence or two with no link.


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