Who has time to blog?

June 16, 2010 at 11:53 am (blogging, social networking)

Blogging is the foundation of a good Social Media Strategy.  Here’s a secret: a Blog is essentially the same thing as an article, whitepaper, or thought-leadership library.  

Call it what you like, but original content is a great resource to drive traffic to your website, and to generate leads, that lead to appointments, that lead to proposals, that lead to new business!

Your company and its leaders are regarded as experts in your functional service area and this expertise could be further demonstrated and leveraged if you could more effectively develop and distribute thought leadership.

The challenge is that you need to allocate time to write articles, and the time needs to coincide with your instances of creativity.

One solution would be to engage a ghost writer who specializes in your service area who will draft complete articles from beginning to end.  You can generally secure a more competitive rate by purchasing in bulk (i.e. request 26 articles per year, and commit to publishing your blog semi-weekly).  Ghost writers are skilled at writing and research, but get paid a premium to let you put your name on their work.

Or, you can hire a copywriter / copy editor who will sit with you to pull these thoughts out of your head.  Most good marketers have this skill and can help you brainstorm to find a cache of relevant topics. They can serve as a sort of stenographer, and then take the information and massage it into a digestible format.  This process is helpful because the marketing copywriter can ask you: why is this pertinent to the reader.  (We think in that vein!)  Then, once the piece is structured, you can edit and elaborate. 

Publishing your blog should not be daunting.  It’s should be an exciting way to drive new business.  Feed your blog.  It’s hungry.

You should first start by first building a file (Hopper) of potential topics.




  1. Refreshing Your Resume « Musings of an Unemployed MBA Graduate said,

    […] keep going with this blog.  My friend JoAnne actually wrote a blog entry of her own titled “Who has time to blog?” after which I decided that I either need to anounce a hiatus from the blogging world or buck […]

  2. Jim Matorin said,

    The hopper idea is rock solid. Makes for better content long term since a blogger can sequence material instead of waking up one day and saying: “Oh I have not blogged in a long time.” That usually leads to a rushed, poorly thought out blog.

  3. Aimee Yawnick said,

    Thanks for the reminder JoAnne! It can feel very time consuming sometimes and collecting ideas as they come will make it a lot easier!


  4. Mike Byrnes said,

    I completely agree fresh content helps drive traffic to a website. It has significantly incresed the number of visitors to my site!

    Mike Byrnes, President, Byrnes Consulting, LLC

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