Facebook Fan Pages and Cheap Chicken Stock

May 24, 2010 at 2:15 pm (Facebook, food, marketing)

One of my clients,New Deal Fish Market, located in East Cambridge, MA, specializes in the highest quality imported and domestic seafood, and specialty products.  I help New Deal to manage its Facebook Fan Page by brainstorming with the owner about what to post. (We try to post about three times a week to keep a regular stream of “traffic.”)  With Fan Pages, the strategy is to get your Fans to “Like” what you post.  If they check the “Like” button, the post will appear in their friends’ News Feed.  This will in turn attract more Fans and more interactions on your Fan Page…and more customers.

While brainstorming, we talk about seasonal varieties (like the Soft Shell Crab…which is currently molting), tips on selection and storage, pairings, how-to’s, recipes, etc.  And, New Deal has more than just fresh seafood—there are some great products on the shelves as well, which gave us great inspiration this week.  Carl was leaning back looking at the shelves and saw a box of imported il riso Beretta carnaroli Rice, and suggested Risotto.  I try to make most of the recipes that Carl dictates, so the post for today (and consequently tonight’s meal at chez Starks) is:

Parmesan Risotto with ScallopsRisotto is a delicious and delicate alternative to pasta, and would warm the soul on this cool and rainy May day. We have a “superfino” Carnaroli rice here in the market, which has a higher starch content and firmer texture than Arborio and it holds up better to the slow cooking. It’s nice to make Risotto at home because it’s versatile–your ingredients are almost boundless. Check out this Real Simple recipe and top with seared Sea Scallops (substitute Carnaroli for the Arborio, and two shallots for the onion) http://bit.ly/c4zerC

The highlight of today’s research:  Risotto  IS versatile but you do need 5-6 cups of [chicken] broth–which I didn’t have.  Carl suggested that Mayflower (across the street) might sell bones for broth, and to my delight, they sure did.  I got over 3 lbs for $.93.  I was happier than Mike with a new playstation game.  I made three quarts of broth for $.93. LIKE!

In my post: Give Your Fans What They Want!, I talk more about Fan Pages: “…let your fans spread the word for you because they feel so enthusiastic about you, and…regularly remind your Fans of why they feel so enthusiastic.” 

So, I understand that my blog might have a little bit of A.D.D., but my friend Alli suggested that I just keep writing and its identity will be revealed.



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