Give Your Fans What They Want!

April 23, 2010 at 1:55 pm (Facebook, marketing, social networking)

Have you contracted the “I need a Facebook Page” syndrome?  Not everyone is well-suited for a Facebook Fan Page, but my friends, who own a Music and Video store in my old college town are IDEAL!  Their Fan base includes area residents, music educators, current students, alumni, and parents.  So, I helped them create a Facebook Fan page and sent them on their way.  They’ve quickly grown to almost 900 fans! 

We’ve built it!  They’ve come!  Now what?

The premise of the Fan Page is to turn your brand enthusiasts into evangelists.  You want them to spread the word for you because they feel so enthusiastic about you, and your page posts should regularly remind your Fans of why they feel so enthusiastic.  You should post about every two or three days, because page visits will drop off after a couple days (Facebook users will only go back a couple of pages to review “older posts”).

And, I would like to stress one Major Point: Avoid ad-like content in free space.  You’ll simply be ignored or perceived negatively.   You have to consider your audiences (plural), and consider what you offer them that makes them so enthusiastic. 

For my music store friends, I asked them to consider the following:

  • What other sites / Fan pages do you recommend?
  • What is the word on the local music scene?
  • What are some products pre-release that you’re excited for?  In the know?
  • What is your “gym-mix” song of the week (runners care about beats-per-sec).
  • What do the Tweens like?
  • What’s the hottest new release this week?
  • What is each department’s top three FAQs?
  • What are alumni up to (on the music scene)?
  • What schools do you resource, and what’s their event (recital) schedule?
  • What community service/activities do you participate in?
  • Do you have any video tutuorials?
  • Offer Suggestions: If you like this….you’ll also like that… Like the Pandora Genome Project.
  • Offer Musician Tips: Hey how’d they get that Sound? New techniques…
  • Engage Fans via Queries: What was your favorite concert of the year?  What’s your gym pic this week?  What’s the first concert you ever saw?
  • Offer Fan Exclusives: Give away tickets to “a show” to one lucky fan who responds to a post in a certain period of time.  Will get more fans…  Give away tickets to a Fan who emails in a given period of time. Will help capture emails for your mailing list.

Lastly, I told them: “You guys know stuff, a lot of stuff, about all that crap in your store.  Inside knowledge…. I don’t want to know the price of the STUFF…I want to know its secrets.”

It’s important to understand the intended use of this medium, and the characteristics of your fan base.  Then, ask yourself “what do my fans want?”  And, come up with a regular “publishing” schedule to make sure you stay top-of-mind.



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